In the Pre-School Department our aim is to develop positive values, independence and self-confidence as well as social, emotional and intellectual development. Our Pre-School Department occupies the whole of the first floor and comprises of:

  • Three Pre-School Rooms
  • An Activity Room
  • A Large Role Play Area
  • Extensive Outdoor Play Areas
  • Separate Dining Room

Meals are taken in the nursery dining room, where table manners continue to be promoted.

Self care skills become more developed within the Pre-School Department. Children are encouraged to become more independent by:

  • Going to the bathroom
  • Washing own hands
  • Using cutlery correctly at meal times
  • Brushing teeth after meals
  • Putting on coats and shoes, puddle suits and wellingtons

We have strong links with Offley Road School and have many visits to join the reception class during the year.

Latest News

Meningitis Awareness

Mrs Stubbs has recently attended a Meningitis Awareness Course. All parents will shortly be receiving a meningitis awareness pack.

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Pre-School Parent’s Evening

We would like to invite all of our Pre-School Parents/Carers to ‘A Journey of Learning” with our Early Years Lead,

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Suggestions Box

In the hallway we have now transformed the metal payment basket into a suggestions fish tank! We welcome any suggestions/ideas

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