Buttercups is our baby room where babies can have fun and feel cared for, which is the perfect start to life in the Nursery. Parents can relax in the knowledge that cuddles are in abundant supply from our caring and dedicated staff who work in partnership with parents to establish each child’s daily routine.

Buttercups is divided into three areas;

  1. An Activity Room – For fun and play filled with toys, games and exciting things to do.
  2. An All Weather Outdoor Area – For fresh air, sunshine, outdoor activities and sleep.
  3. A Separate Sleep Area.

The activity room is equipped with a variety of carefully chosen, stimulating toys including puzzles, treasure baskets and a sensory area to enhance development. The children can also enjoy messy play with water, shredded paper, jelly, pasta and paint to support creative and sensory development.

We encourage outdoor play in our soft outdoor area where the children can enjoy the fresh air and join in many activities; they can also watch the older children play or just sleep in their prams.

Latest News

Mrs Darlington

The children presented Mrs Darlington with cards and flowers to thank her for all her years of music at nursery.

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Summer 2015

We have all been enjoying the sunny weather and making the most of playing outdoors with lots of different fun

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Marie Curie

A HUGE thank you to all who helped to raise funds for Marie Curie. We donated a total of £114.00!!

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